August 5, 2021
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The Electoral Current that Shook BJP

This Delhi election is perhaps the most fiercely fought and venomous election in recent times.
Till few months ago, the Delhi voters were convinced that their leader for the next five years is none other than Arvind Kejriwal and rightly so because of the delivery of the promises he made in last election.

The AAP government nearly fulfilled all the promises they did. They fulfilled the promise on Water and Electricity, which was the most eye catching promise.The overhaul of the education system is a huge achievement of this government. AAP is the only government in the country which spends almost half of its budget (nearly 46%) on health and education.

arvind kejriwal

In spite of giving so much freebies, the budget of  Delhi government is a surplus budget i.e; despite giving so much concession their budget is in surplus which is a commendable effort.

Six months before the election, the government announced free ride for women in DTC buses and proposed to give free ride in metro too. This announcement proved to be the game-changer and further strengthened the case of return of Kejriwal in power.

Congress never looked in contention for Delhi election and even BJP was clueless about their campaign.
The infighting among BJP leaders damaged their cause and not having a CM face further worsened it but the anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh gave lifeline to Delhi BJP and Amit Shah himself took the charge and started comparing anti-CAA protests with national security. The foul language in campaign and mistrust specially among minorities made things even worse for BJP.BJP played on nationalism plank which clearly didn’t work as BJP was able to polarise its core voters but that didn’t prove to be enough because in opposition camp voters were quite sure about their priorities.
Had  congress fought better the results tally would have been different for BJP.

The big take away from this election is that Congress needs complete overhaul and BJP needs a leader to face the mighty Kejriwal.

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