September 27, 2021
Rajyasabha Election 2020

Rajyasabha Elections amidst Political Unrest

The Political unrest in states  like MP and Gujarat is making Rajya Sabha Election very eye catching. This year election will be for 73 seats . Election on 55 seats out of 73 will be held on March 26th and result will be announced on the same day. And the remaining seats will be filled in upcoming days as follows, 5 seats in June, one seat in July and 11 seats in November .

55 seats Details:-

Rajyasabha Election 2020
Rajyasabha Election 2020

4 seats were vacant earlier including Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley’s seat. Rest 51 seat will be vacant. Maharashtra – 7 seats, Tamil Nadu – 6 seats, Bihar – 5 seats, West Bengal – 5 seats, Gujarat – 4 seats,Andhra Pr. – 4 seats, Odisha – 3 seats , Haryana – 3 seats, Assam – 3 seats, Rajasthan – 3 seats, MP – 3 seats, 2 seats each from Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and 1 seat from Manipur, Meghalaya, and Himachal.

Out of 55 , 18 BJP  and 11 Congress MPs are going to retire. BJP may retain 14-15 seats and may lose 3-4 seats due to poor performance in state election. Congress may also retain 8-9 seats.

Election will be in June for 5 seats : Four seats from Karnataka and one seat from Arunachal Pradesh. One seat  election in July for Mizoram and eleven seats election will be in November, 10 seats from UP and 1 seat from Uttrakhand.

Current Rajya Sabha members are 239. BJP has 82 seats and it’s alliance  like AIDMK,JDU BJF RPI, LJP has 25 seat. Congress has 46 seat.

Rajya Sabha key points:-

  • Total strength 250: Maximum 238 can come through election process and 12 members is nominated by President of India, These 12 will be from Literature, Art, Science, social services.
  • Rajya Sabha  is a permanent House. It Can never be dissolved. It is also known as Upper House.

Special power to Rajya Sabha:-

  • Article 249 : Parliament can make law on any matter of state list, if members of Rajya Sabha pass a resolution in that regard.
  • Tenure: 6 year
  • 1/3rd retires  in every 2 year.


  • Candidate should be Registered voter from anywhere in India.
  • Age:30 year
  • Should not hold any office of profit.
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