August 5, 2021
plasma therepy for covid-19

Plasma therapy for COVID : a cure or a hope

Around 3.13 million people are infected by Coronavirus worldwide, out of which more than 218 thousand people have died.

In India, around 31,787 people have tested positive for Coronavirus, of which more than 7797 have recovered and death tracker is touching 1008.

In this crisis time when the World is looking for vaccine and cure of this deadly disease, the plasma therapy may act as a boon to humanity .

Although the treatment is in trial phase, it has shown some promising results intially.

Recently Max hospital of New Delhi had taken permission from ICMR to use this therapy. According to the hospital, the patients on whom this therapy was used, have shown positive results.

What is Plasma Therapy:

It is an experimental process in which the antibodies of the people, who have recovered from corona is used for those who are critically infected.

In this therapy, the antibodies from the recovered patients are injected into a critically ill patients to boost their immunity against the virus.

Plasma Therapy is not a new concept, it was first used during the outbreak of the Spanish Flu in the year 1918. After which it has been used in 2005 during SARS epidemic. In 2009, it was used for H1N1 patients and in 2014 during Ebola outbreak.

How it is done:

Firstly, let us understand what is Plasma ? Our blood consists of WBC, RBC, Platelates and Plasma.

Plasma is yellowish in colour and it accounts for 55 percent of the blood. It consists of enzymes,water,salt, antibodies and many other proteins.

Plasma donation is same as blood donation. The donar and recipient should have same blood type.

This treatment is only to boost the recovery.

According to the medical journal “The Lancet”, this treatment has no adverse effect.

Plasma Therapy in In India:

Several states in India have shown their interest in trying Plasma Therapy for the tratment of Covid-19.

The ICMR, India’s apex health research body has already given nod for Plasma Therapy across the country.

Kerela was the first state to adopt this and now many states are joining in.

Although Plasma Therapy can’t be considered as a cure for Coronavirus, but this Therapy is so far helping critically ill patients.

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