August 5, 2021
corona virus covid-19 in india


Corona Virus COVID-19 has become epidemic, and almost whole world is facing its consequences. 133 Countries including India have already been infected but highly infected countries are China, Iran and south Korea. According to recent reports around 3000 people have died from corona Virus alone in China . According to WHO Reports 94000 people have been tested positive all around the world. All 94000 people are kept in isolation and are being closely monitored by doctors.
The First case of human to animal transmission is been reported in Hong Kong when a pet dog was infected with COVID-19.

CORONA’S Adverse effects on India :

According to UN report , trade impact on India is estimated around $348 million.
There is health emergency kind of situation is observed in India . Many schools are being closed, tourists places are adversely effected, Business of tour and travels are on decline, import of medical raw materials most of which were transported from China are facing difficulties.

Pro-active Indian government

Every single airport is being monitored by Corona Virus testing team and all hospitals are being provided with special instructions for Corona Virus.

28529 persons were brought under community surveillance and are being monitored. Health Minister Dr. Harshavardhan said on 5th march that India had initiated required preparedness and action since 17 January much before WHO advice.

A woman tested positive said I am happy to see Indian government’s approach towards corona Virus affected people. She said I got diagnosed at airport from there they kept me in isolation and doctors are visiting time to time with proper mask.
23 new cases have come to the fore, all of them are Italian tourists except one Indian.
Earlier three persons tested positive all from kerala have now been discharged.

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update on COVID19 by Health Minister

But now cases of corona Virus are coming from all over the country so central government along with state government showing will to tackle this epidemic. They issued 24*7  emergency number and e-mail.
No:91-1191-11-23978046 ,
email: [email protected]. 15 labs are ready and are equipped with all facilities and 19 Labs are under construction. Meanwhile medical university has identified the pattern, symptoms and necessary precautions.
Now Hospitals have enough isolated bed, masks and medical facilities and district level works has already been started.

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