August 5, 2021
india china standoff pics

Not a Usual Indo-China Standoff 2020

Is China going to start war against India?

This is not first instance of military standoff between Indian and Chinese Army along the border. Stand off  have been seen in past too whether it is in Arunachal Pradesh , Doklam in Sikkim or Ladakh ( LAC ). But this is different from earlier standoffs because this time higher authorities are involved in irresponsible verbal spat. In earlier cases both country used their back channel diplomacy to de-escalate  the tension . Chinese President Xi Jinping asked their armed forces to be ready for battle. It is crystal clear that this is not merely a standoff but a hidden agenda and conspiracy  behind this standoff.

Why China is so frustrated with India. When it all started!

  • Indian dominance in Indian Ocean and supported by costal country of Indian Ocean and world community other than China.
  • Trade war between China and other countries like US, Australia, Japan and list goes on.  India increases Anti-Dumping Duty (  Tax  imposed on foreign Imported goods , because imported goods price is fairly below the market  price to protect local products.)
  • India is emerging in Asian continent and world is looking India as a surrogate of China. India is a democratic country and interest of every single citizens kept preserved unlike China.
  • Despite Chinese opposition India become members of many international organization.
  • After revocation of Article 370 and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir into two separate Union Territory, Jammu Kashmir and Laddakh. China has raised its voice against  Laddakh being Union Territory.
  • India has shifted its strategy  and started construction of roads and bridges near border area in Indian territory same as China.
  • India is supporting Taiwan and Hong Kong ‘s sovereignty.
  • World is against China so is India on mishandling corona virus. Due to China’s  slipshod world has lost 3.5 lakh life and approx. 30 lakh people are still hospitalised. Count is still on. World is facing severe economic setback
  • US, France, Japan, Germany and many country have asked their companies  and organization to move out of China, in order to remove dependency on China. In these circumstances India became blue- eyed boy for many company. India is providing many facilities to those companies like Land, Water, Electricity, Skilled workers and subsidy in tax. India has amended labour law and ready to amend law as per companies request.
  • India has amended FDI Policy and barred  China and Chinese firms to invest in India through direct market. First company portfolio will be checked and Company or Investor have to take permission of Government of India. This rule is applied for all border sharing country. Many countries have already prohibited China from investing in their country.
  • India changed its foreign direct investment (FDI) policy also to protect Indian companies from “opportunistic takeovers and acquisitions of Indian companies due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.
india china border tension 2020
Tension on indo china border

Will China further get a wiggle on the military standoff up to Battle?

1. Answer is Yes, very much possible. China’s intention is to create insurgency and turmoil in India. China has sent 5000 military in LAC region with heavy arteliary. China wants to send a message to those companies which started investing in India or looking forward to invest in India that India is not secure place to invest.

2. China has incited Nepal and Pakistan is already against India. China will change its decision based on international scenario but Nepal will be proved to be scapegoat as Nepal is merely acting as the mouthpiece of China.

3. India should learn from past experiences . In  1962 the slogan of hindi chini bhai bhai  was at forefront while China was preparing for indo China war. After the agreement, India reduced its military troops and China attacked.

What India should do:

1. Engage China with back door diplomacy to  de- escalate the tension and also engage the world community.

2. As China has increased military in LAC  region India  should also increase military not only in LAC region but also all across China border.

3. Do not  pull out  or reduce military even after agreement wait till China pull out their military. Because for a while India may put its trust in Pakistan but not in China.

What India is doing:

PM of India Nerandra Modi held meeting with national security advisor Ajit Doval, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat and the three Service Chiefs to discuss the matter.

PM Separately met Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla to discuss the situation.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also met with three service chiefs over the standoff.

India has also increased its military in LAC region via helicopter and increased patrolling  frequency across the Chinese border. Chief of Army staff also visited Ladakh and held meeting with all seven command of India Army. India seems proactive and ready to tackle any situation.

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