September 27, 2021
miss serial killer review

Movie Review : Mrs Serial Killer

The highly anticipated Netflix’s psycho thriller drama ‘Mrs Serial Killer’ has finally been released.

During lockdown, when people have ample time, a good movie is nothing less than a boon.

Netflix has a good reputation of giving global platform to content driven cinema. Does this movie belong to that category ??? Let’s find out in our review.


The movie is set somewhere in Uttarakhand, where Sona Mukherjee (Jacqueline Fernandes) lives with her husband Mrityunjoy Mukherjee (Manoj Bajpai), who is a renowned gynecologist. The movie takes a turn when some unmarried pregnant girls are murdered in the town and circumstancial evidences point out towards Dr. Mrityunjoy and he gets arrested.

The case is being probed by Inspector Imran Shahid (Mohit Raina), ex-boyfriend of Sona.

Sona thinks that Imran is trying to frame her husband due to his personal grudge and she decides to save her husband at any cost.

What does she do to save her husband ??? For this you have to watch the movie on Netflix

What’s good and bad in the film:

Manoj Bajpai has literally set the screen on fire. He has once again proved his mettle as an actor and what a splendid performance he has given. It’s a treat to watch him perform like this on big screen.

Mohit Raina has also played his part nicely and now comes the central character of the film Jacqueline Fernandes. We all know how beautiful she is and she has looked ravishing in this movie too. Being the central character she has almost got 90 percent of the screen time and she has tried to make it her best performance but her accent and expressions doesn’t help her.

I think the casting director has got it terribly wrong in picking Jacqueline Fernandes as main lead. Many other actresses could have done more justice to the role than Jacqueline.

Writer and Director Shirish Kunder could have done a better job especially in writing. He must have focused on developing the back story of each character. For example Jacqueline is a teacher in the movie but no details are given.

The cinematography is good and  has captured some beautiful natural scenes.

The movie is quite predictable bit it scores very well in the climax, all thanks to the masterclass performance of Manoj Bajpai.

Watch or not:

If you are a Manoj Bajpai fan you must watch it but if you are looking for some intense psycho thriller you may get disappointed.

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