August 4, 2021
ajmalkasab with saffron thread

Hindu Terror : A Fake Narrative and Congress

A new controversy has sparked after the ex-Mumbai top cop Rakesh Maria releases his new book “Let Me Say It Now“. He has revealed that the 2008 Mumbai Attacts was to be projected as “Hindu Terror“.
Former Mumbai Police Chief Rakesh Maria has said in his book that Ajmal Kasab was to die as Hindu Samir Chaudhari of Banglore to legitimise the Hindu Terror narrative.

Lashkar-e-Taiba(L-e-T) had planned everything to make it look like a case of Hindu Terror, for this they (L-e-T) planted fake ID’s having hindu names on it and made Kasab and other terrorists to tie saffron thread in their hands but luckily that was not meant to be.

martyr Tukaram Omble
martyr Tukaram Omble

We will always remain indebted to Tukaram Omble who caught Kasab alive and their  plan was busted.

The L-e-T and Pakistan wanted  to float the Hindu Terror narrative but failed due to the valour showed by Mumbai Police and officers like Tukaram Omble.
But the main question arises is that what the ruling party of the nation was doing ??

Book by Digvijay Singh

 Were they propagating Pakistan and L-e-T agenda ?? Somewhat Yes because Digvijay Singh was trying his level best to propel the fake narrative of Hindu Terror and he released a book named “26/11 RSS KI SAAZISH” along with Mahesh Bhatt. The wikileaks also claims that Rahul Gandhi told US ambassador that Hindu Terror is more dangerous than Islamic Terror.
How can someone stoop so low to gain political mileage?? As a nation Congress failed us (Indian) there. How can one put one’s country at risk for ideological differences and political mileage. It’s a dangerous precedent we are setting. Quite unthinkable!!

  • May better sense prevail.
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