September 27, 2021
delhi anti human riots

Delhi Riots :: Anti-hindu, Anti-muslim or Anti-human

The Delhi Riots; the first after the 1984 anti-sikh massacre in Delhi.
In the world’s largest democracy, the riots taking place in high security zone i.e; national capital of the country in 21st century is a huge concern. The question arises is that “who is to be blamed for this ?”.
Now, since more than seven days have passed by let’s dive into the details of the incident.

Prelude to the Riot :-

  • The second stint of Narendra Modi as PM has put an end to several year old contentious issues and core agendas of BJP. Amit Shah as  the home minister has been in full form turning into the reality, the core issues of BJP like abrogation of 370, 35A, triple talaq, the supreme court’s decision on Ram Mandir and now CAA.
  • These decisions have led to a great distrust among muslim community which is being fuelled by some vested interests like left liberals, unemployed celebrities and jobless journalists.
  • The social media is adding fuel to the fire in spreading misinformation from some blue tick handles to settle cheap political scores.
  • These people have incited minorities especially muslims using the old trick of fear psychosis to come on streets and protest against the government. While the protest is not an issue but violence in the name of protest is just not okay.
  • But the sad part is that some media group and celebrities are even justifying the violence shamelessly in the name of opposing the government which is encouraging the miscreants.
  • The main question still remains that why the so-called protests turned violent ??
  • We all know that there is a fully grown up ecosystem of the pseudo left liberals, when they saw that the anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh is not affecting the government. They planned something big to irk the government and peddle a new narrative.
  • This time they planned to gain international attention by creating ruckus during the Trump’s visit to India.

Consequences :-

Everything was pre-planned; one day before the Trump’s visit they gathered near the Zafrabad metro station but couldn’t get the desired attention as media was involved in covering Trump’s visit.

So they started violence especially in Muslim majority areas like Chandbagh, Maujpur and many areas of north east Delhi.

As soon as the violence broke out, the social media warriors of their gang started their venomous role in spreading misinformation and the social media was flooded with misinformation and doctored videos which resulted only in escalation in the level of violence.

shahrukh who points gun at polish during delhi riots
shahrukh who points gun at polish during delhi riots

The skull capped men and burqa clad women had no fear of law as they targeted everyone on the streets who came in their way. Many houses were torched and public properties were disrupted. The level of lawlessness can be understood by the fact that a guy named Shahrukh fires several rounds and points the gun  to the police, they attacked Constable Ratan Lal with stones so ferociously that he succumbed to his injuries and the brutality they did with slain IB officer Ankit Sharma is beyond imagination.

martyr ratan lal and ankit sharma
martyr ratan lal and ankit sharma

It is not that only muslims attacked Hindus, some Hindus also attacked muslims but mostly in self defence and in some cases out of anger which is not justifiable at all.

But the bigger problem is the cover-up by the left liberal media, they tried to paint this riot as anti-muslim in all their capacity. But in the age of social media the truth is not hidden for long.

When facts started coming out, it exposed the people like Rana AyyubRavish Kumar and many more who use their identity and privilege to defame India on International forum.

In this dire situation, as a citizen it is our duty to remain informed not misinformed and take decisions by our conscience and don’t jump the gun based on social media information.

Conclusion :-

  • The biggest alarming question still remains “why the riot was not curbed in time??
  • It is a big question mark on our intelligence??
  • It is a gross intelligence failure and none other than the home ministry is to be blamed for this.
  • It is very worrisome that under the nose of the Home ministry in the national capital such a gruesome riot took place and we couldn’t curb the riot in time.
  • The Home ministry and the Delhi government to some extent should be held responsible for this.
  • Why the NSA has to come on ground zero to curb the riot??
  • What was Police Commissioner and Delhi police doing ??
  • These are the valid questions which we should ask from the government.
  • Those involved in this horrific massacre should be dealt strictly according to the law irrespective of their religion.
  • A proper investigation should be done on roles of people like Tahir HusainUmar Khalid and many more including the likes of Kapil Mishra, if he is guilty.
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