September 27, 2021
anti hindu riots delhi ncr

Delhi NCR-Anti Hindu Riots

The seeds of Delhi NCR Anti Hindu riots were sown in 2014 when Modi was elected as PM but without proper sunshine and rain seeds were unable to sprout .And after five year Modi again got elected in 2019 and got even more seats than 2014 . This time liberal, left and Anti Modi squad took this massive win of Modi as a tight slap on their face.

In fact people like Prakash Raj twitted “a solid slap on my face”. In response they started their propaganda to destabilize the government and for that shake they are left with only choice ie. mislead Muslim community to incite Anti Hindu riots. Now they were waiting for proper timing.During this course Supreme Court has given verdict of Ayodhya Ram Mandir. They tried to encash it but failed. Again they got a chance when the Parliament has passed abrogation of Art 370.Now this time they tried their best and got success to some extent but was not enough to destabilize the government.But when the government of India has passed CAA in Parliament, this time they came with proper planning.

They have distributed the role and resposponsibility to biased TV media, tukade tukade gangs , politicians and so called liberals those who were the part of the plan. They planned everything as due to their previous attempt stage was set. Now they started to give proper sunshine and rain to this soil. TV anchors have started defending Shaaheen Bagh Protestors, Politicians kept visiting and funds were arranged, every thing was going according to their plan. Now the time had come “Trump’s visit to India“. They started executing their plan, they gathered the mob near zaafrabaad metro station, and respective places according to their plan. They knew it very well that all intelligence agencies will be busy monitoring Trump.Meanwhile they arranged necessary weapons like petrol bomb, acid bottles, pistol, stones etc.

Delhi Riots: Clips Exposing Rioters

When Trump was about to reach Delhi from Ahemedabad they set petrol pump on fire, started killing Hindus, destroyed Mandirs and burned home and shops of targeted and identified Hindu families. Before people could realise anything they already had finished their job. Even hospitals were not spared. In retaliation some Hindu also came on the road and started reacting to the situation.But it was too late.Now TV media journalists had started playing their part and played their role fabulously.

ib official Ankit Sharma
ib official Ankit Sharma

Intense Hatred against Hindu community was so obvious that you can’t imagine that IB official Ankit sharma was killed brutally. Postmortem report says that there was no portion left on his body where he was not been stabbed. Pattern of stabbing suggests that it was done 400 times and at least 6 to 7 people were involved.So we can see that how successfully they committed their planned, highly condemned heinous crime.TV media journalists are still propagating their own agenda. We hope the life sacrificed by IB Official and many hindus will not go in vain and hopefully central government and supreme court will provide proper justice by taking strict action against the rioters.

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