August 4, 2021
corona virus outbreak 2020

Corona Virus And It’s Precautions

Corona virus(COVID-19) :

According to WHO report the no. of Corona virus infected people around the world is 42708 (11 feb 2020) and approximately 4100 people are alone from China. WHO and China along with many other country are trying their best to tackle this deadly virus.
As  earlier outbreak of corona virus was transmitted from human via human droplet, contact fomites and this time transmission could be same.

Causes :

  • As of now the available evidence is suggesting that there is a link between corona virus in bats more specifically in Rhinolophus  bat sub- species, These sub- species is widely present in China, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • More than 500 corona virus infected bats were identified in China.
  • Route of transmission is still unclear but hunting and selling of Bats directly to restaurant .

Symptoms of Corona Virus :

  • People may have Cough and fever for more than 5 days.

Precautions :

  • Isolation from corona virus infected people.
  • Frequently hand wash ( especially after contact with any kind of ill person)
  • Avoid contact from wild animals
  • If you are visiting hospital go with full precautions means proper mask and full body clothes
  • Avoid non-veg food of Hotel & Resturants.

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