August 5, 2021
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Congress Revival : A Myth or A Reality

The grand old party of India is absolutely Clueless, defeated, undecided and hopeless.
What is the way ahead for the Congress Party??
First of all congress has to infuse the belief into the voters that they are the true alternative for BJP and for that one word solution is  Complete Revamp.

Time to bid goodbye to the old generals:-

In spite of winning the three big state elections just before general elections, what does the shameful defeat in Loksabha elections reflect??It only goes to show the disconnect of congress from voters especially due to the infighting within the old guard.
The problem within congress can be better understood by this that one group within the party is conspiring against Chattisgarh CM and same is happening in Madhya Pradesh.
The old guard now is more of a liability than an asset to congress. They must either retire or work for the party organization.

Entry of Youth In Leadership Role:-

After winning the state elections, the biggest blunder and regressive decision which Rahul Gandhi took was to reinstate the old guards which clearly backfired. He should have opted for new generation leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot and let them administer the state without much pressure from high command so that the new crop of leaders are developed who could serve the Congress in the long run.

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Beef up the Karyakartas:-

The most important asset for any party to win an election is their Karyakartas i.e; grass route level workers. The Karyakartas have lost the hope and self confidence, the leadership needs to encourage their Karyakartas give them responsibility with full authority.

Re-establish the connect of Gandhi family:-

The one thing which goes in favour of Congress in this time of crisis is their Organisation. They are almost well established everywhere from north to south. They just need to re-establish the connect they had in Indira or Rajiv Gandhi’s era at the organisational level and ground level. The voters from that generation still connect themselves with Congress and they have to bring new voters to their camp.
For that, they have to put forward a vision for next 20 years on everything like infrastructure, education, economy and every important issue and they must come hard at fakery of Modi’s government and single out the failures of the government.
For this to happen, Congress’ two prime leaders i.e; Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi has to step up.
To reinstate the belief within the voters, they need to do something like Rathyatra which Advani did in 90’s to bring BJP on national spectrum. Congress must do a Padyatra kind of thing across the country for 5-6 months continuosly with Rahul and Priyanka. They must reach out to the common people and ask them about their problems and make those problems your national agenda along with your vision for India so that people can believe that Congress is the only choice

Image Source – Google – Image by – Pankaj Vohra

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